March 25th, 2011

Here is a write up of my notes for the excellent CukeUp event I attended yesterday.
All the sessions were videoed, so you can watch them by going to the CukeUp page.


Aslak Helles√ły

What Makes a Good Feature File

David De Florinier and Gojko Adzic

The main points I took out of this session were:

Wip, Kanban, whole-team BDD

Perryn Fowler

Deliberate Discovery

Dan North and Elizabeth Keogh

This talk is well worth watching – it provides lots to think about.


Antony Marcano


Stephen Nelson-Smith

The cucumber-chef project allows you to test your chef scripts that spin up large numbers of servers. The project uses LXC (linux containers), so you can run one ec2 instance, and then use multiple LXCs – which is cheaper and faster than spinning up large numbers of ec2 instances just for testing.

At the time of writing, the gem was not available – but it should appear on github soon.


Joseph Wilk

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