August 20th, 2009

It is with great sadness that I see _why has gone missing.

I’m a great admirer of his many works, including Shoes (a great GUI framework), Hpricot (my HTML parser of choice), HacketyHack (a great way for kids to learn programming), TryRuby (a way to try Ruby in your Web Browser), and of course his Poignant Guide to Ruby.

Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby was the first Ruby tutorial that I read. I liked its unique style and narrative that, for me at least, introduced Ruby concepts in a memorable way, particularly Dwemthy’s Array (see chapter 6) which introduced me to metaprogramming and DSLs in Ruby.

You can still see the full Poignant Guide to Ruby, with all the great illustrations, and you can still purchase the book from lulu.

Due to the nature of github, his code lives on in forks of his projects.

Please, let us all #clapwithwhy, and I hope he comes back to enrich the Ruby community with his creative genius.

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