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July 28th, 2009

I’ve recently switched back to using a Mac after many years using Ubuntu.
I much prefer OS X to Ubuntu, mainly because some of the software it has is not available on Linux, such as iTunes, and TomTomHome.

What surprised me is how many essential applications and functions were missing from OS X (10.5.7), when compared to a default install of Ubuntu (9.04).

Here’s the list of essential software to bring OS X to the same level as Ubuntu 9.04:

Whilst installing all this software, I noticed what a pain it was, compared to the simple ‘apt’ or Synaptic in Ubuntu. If only there was a package management system for OS X that would allow me to install all the software I want.

On top of the essential software above, I installed the following, to get me to my minimum machine specification:

If I ever need to rebuild this Mac, it’s going to be a real pain downloading and installing all those applications again.

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One Response to “Back to a Mac”

  1. Kerry Buckley Says:

    Looks like Bodega is trying to position itself as a one-stop shop for Mac apps.